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Alimony & Spousal Support

There are several different kinds of alimony, such as permanent alimony, limited duration alimony, compensatory alimony, and in some cases, rehabilitative alimony. Courts consider a host of issues when determining whether alimony should be paid, the amount of alimony, as well as the duration of alimony. Some of the criteria used when making spousal support decisions include:

  • Ability to pay and financial need
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age, physical health, and emotional health of the parties
  • Standard of living established during the marriage
  • Earning capability, education level, and employment opportunities of the parties
  • Length of absence from the job market
  • Time and expense needed to complete education or training necessary to return to the job market

Spousal support can be modified when there is a substantial change in circumstance of either person. Our experienced attorneys will help evaluate your unique situation, and will seek alimony when entitled.

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